Sunday 25th March 2018, 2:30pm

Getaway #32: Gessica Zinni (T A I M A S H O E)

Gessica Zinni will choose this Sunday’s getaway destination.

– In the end am not sure whom I invited: I think I invited Gessica. But maybe also Taimashoe.
They are musicians. In fact they are one musician together.
I envy them. For their voice. For their being two and having one. Voice.

Why is it the most common thing, when making music, to play in several different bands, with several names, and performing as a solo artist – with yet another name – all at the same time?
Why is it that in making music identity is not bound to one persona, neither to one name, neither to one group?
While in art – and in real life – only single existences or marriage seems to be valid?

Anyhow. When we will walk Gessica and Taimashoe will walk together with us. At least one of them is currently in New York.

And their voice?
No fuckin idea. –