Sunday 20th November 2016, 2:30pm

Getaway #22: data | Auftrag für parasitäre* Gastarbeit

Auftrag für parasitäre* Gastarbeit will choose this Sunday’s getaway destination. They invited each other for the twentysecond Outside Sunday. They are Tanja Trampe and Daniela Petrini.

– They say they navigate using the empty map.
They say they are in constant search of the margins.
They say they work hard to push the margins into the center of attention.

Lately a friend asked me which navigating type I was: The bird-overview type or the from-point-to-point type. I guess it’s quite a profound question, concerning almost everything. So –
– if the map is empty and
– there is no overview
– and you therefore need to keep moving from one point to the next, how do you know you arrived at the margins?

They suggest: by touching. Maybe you can feel marginality. With your hands. But what the hell does marginality feel like? –